SuperWisdom: Seven Vital Secrets for a Rich and Purpose-Filled Life (full color eBook edition)

A fabulous collection of concise truths that awaken dormant inner powers and transform your daily life into a university of spiritual growth and understanding.

This eBook reveals how to place powers you already possess on the side of your spiritual development. You'll discover the power of NowFacts. These are concise and potent statements of Truth that instantly awaken your perception to the lessons at hand.

All of the NowFacts in this eBook were developed by author Vernon Howard. Tom Russell collected these gems over 12 years of attendance at Mr. Howard's classes. Tom reveals his insights while applying these dynamic principles, providing priceless clues that save you much time and effort.

You'll learn seven key inner resources you possess now, and how NowFacts release them. You'll have the"SuperWisdom Dictionary" that clearly defines 40 key words for growth, like awareness and self-observation. Discover your "Power of Vertical Thinking" and how to use NowFacts to transition to delightful zones of silence and receptivity. Gain rich methods for study and how to plant these precious seeds deeply.

You could say this eBook was 25 years in the making, including Tom's 12 years at Vernon Howard's school and his additional years in applying the principles and recording his insights. All yours for only $7. (167 pages - full color art throughout - eBook edition.)

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